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How Support Groups Central Works

How our meetings work
Meetings are conducted using web-conferencing technology. Participants use their computer and either the computer's audio system or a telephone to access our meetings. This allows participants to join meetings from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Tablets and smart phones can also be used for connecting to a meeting.

Participants are able to talk with each other, see meeting materials on their screen, interact with others, and more. Most of our groups only use first names, and while participants can see their leader, no one else can be seen. They can even choose to use a different "screen name" if they prefer.

Man in a Support Group Central Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost anything to become a member of Support Groups Central?
  No, membership in Support Groups Central is free! 

Can I subscribe to any organization I want and does it cost anything?
  Most groups are free to subscribe to and are open to everyone. However, there are some groups that are only open to pre-paid members of that organization.  If this is the case, it will be clearly marked for you.

What is the cost of a meeting?
  The price of each meeting is determined by the organization that is running it. Some meetings charge a fixed price, others ask for a contribution, while others are free.  Before registering for a meeting, check the information available for that meeting - the price will be displayed.

I'm not very technical. Is it difficult to connect to an online meeting?
  We've made joining your meetings easy so that even non-technical people can participate. It's as simple as just pushing a few buttons. Your computer will need some basic things, such as access to the internet with an up-to-date browser (ex: Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox, or Chrome) and a speaker phone and microphone (if you want to hear and talk through your computer - otherwise you can dial into the meeting by phone). If you run into any problems, our Technical Assistance team is just a phone call away.
Support Groups Central gives you access to meetings and valuable resources from a variety of organizations all in one simple-to-navigate website.

It just takes a few steps to get started:

Step 1: Join Support Groups Central
  By joining Support Groups Central, you will have access to all of the orgranizations offering meetings and support.  Joining is free!  Join Now

Step 2: Find and select the organizations and groups that interest you
  Once a member, you can build your "support team" by selecting the organizations that interest you. Your member module has a group directory where you can find all the organizations and categories on one easy-to-use screen.  You then select the organization by subscribing to it. Subscribing to an organization is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.
  Find and select your organizations

Step 3: Register for meetings
  Each organization has its own subscribers section, where you can access its list of upcoming meetings.  Here you can find out when each meeting will take place and also read more about the meeting to determine if it's right for you.  To register for a meeting, just click on the meeting's "Register" button.
  Sample Upcoming Calendar

Step 4: Attend your online meetings
  The meetings are done through web-conferencing and you join your meeting by logging into Support Groups Central.  When its time to attend your meeting, you will see a "Join" button appear (on several screens so you can't miss it).  Simply click on this button and you will be brought into your meeting.  You can even turn on email and text message reminders to remind you of your upcoming meeting (sent out one hour before the start of your meeting).
  Join button

Additional Resources Available to Members
In addition to the meetings, most groups offer additional information and resources to support you. As a subscriber, you have access to helpful tools, such as informative blogs, document and/or video libraries, post-meeting handouts and discussions, daily inspirational messages, etc.

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